Our experts will do a full genealogy research for you in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Moldova. These are the lands that were part of former Austro-Hungarian Empire, former Russian Empire and Soviet Union



Genealogy Boutique is reliable exclusive agency for genealogical research your roots from Ukraine and former Russian Empire (1721 — 1917) .

Your history. Evolvement. Formation of personality. Communication. Your family.

For those who live in the United States, Canada or Australia, and many who live in other parts of the world as well, it's a fact that at some point your ancestors came from another location and spoke a language you may not know.

We will be able to discover who your immigrant ancestors were and where they came from. We can research one of your family lines from Ukraine and near-abroad countries back to a specific time period.

The offer is:
Unique search capabilities
We provide research services in the archives of Eastern Europe. We read Ukrainian language, Old Russian, Old Polish, Latin. Our reaserch includes geographical and historical implication. We will provide an individual approach to each customer.
Preliminary analysis of perspective
Base on an information you provide us, we make an analysis of possible solutions and the expected date of the finish research. The more details we get from you, the faster and easier we will be able to deal with your case.
Credibility and responsibility
Many European countries generally don't have digitized archives available for online research. Because of this, our genealogies often have to travel and do field research at local civil registration offices, churches and regional archives.
Presentable and cost-effective result
Documentation of search results (in the form of a Birth book, Birth site, account on Ancestry, Geni, MyHeritage, FindMyPast) Providing copies of documents. Family Interview. The film about your family.
You are looking for value, memory, information, cause and effect. No one knows your family better than you. We can help you find out the details of the life history of your ancestors. We aren't limited by geographical frames – our customers live in different corners of the world, and we provide researches all over the CIS (Genealogy research in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova). It`s very easy and comfortable to work with us. You`ll be convinced with it very soon!

You found an experience, a time, opportunities. Step back in time and find out who your ancestors were. You found the quality agency for genealogical research. We genuinely love family research and enjoy helping people reconnect with their roots and family history.

Individual approach to research
  • your personal historian
  • confidentiality
  • detailed preliminary plan
  • description of methodology and historical terms
Reasonable prices
  • the cost depends on the amount of work (the number of lines studied)
  • 50% prepayment
  • reporting and receipts are provided
  • risk protection (preliminary analysis, trial search
Additional features
  • The possibility of interviewing relatives
  • We organize tailor-made individual and group tours to hometowns of your ancestors
  • Cemetery searches and photographic documentation of the graves
  • Finding living relatives
  • The film about your family

How much does it cost to have your genealogy research in Ukraine?

7 single-family generations
— Includes archives search, business trips to regions
— Knowledge of 7 single-family generations
— Circa 1800 to present day
— Interviews with relatives alive (if necessary)
— Journey to hometowns of your ancestors
— Completion Time: 10-14 weeks

$ 700 - 1000
Trial search
— Analysis of the possibilities of a full genealogy reaserch
— Interviews with relatives alive (if necessary)
— Clarification of information about ancestors unknown to you
— Identification of the exact place from where your ancestors emigrated
— Knowledge of 2 single-family generations
Hourly rate
— 1 hour archive / genealogy search
$30 - 40
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